Getting Started

Getting started can often be the biggest hurdle.

Contact me to set up an initial session.  Here is what you can expect:

Initial sessions are 50-minutes long.  The first few sessions are really a consultation in which we get to know one another and decide how we can best work together.

During the initial sessions, we discuss what is on your mind and how you think I may be helpful.  In this consultation, you will have a better sense of my approach and style, and I will be able to determine what I think would be helpful to you.  Finding the right fit is a highly personal decision, and something we can only determine together.

At the end of the first session, we will have some sort of plan on how to move forward.  Sometimes, the plan is simply to meet again soon and to keep talking with each other.  Sometimes the plan is something more definitive like regularly scheduled weekly or more often sessions.  Sometimes the plan includes medications.  I tend to be conservative about my prescribing practices.  If I believe that medications are necessary, we will engage in a meaningful dialogue about their use.  Both therapy and medications have been shown to be highly effective for many conditions, and if medications are appropriate I will make that recommendation.  You may be coming to me because you already have a therapist who thought you might benefit from medications.

The frequency of visits is something we determine together based on your goals.  Depending on your needs, I may recommend meeting more frequently (such as several times a week for intensive talk therapy) or less frequently (such as monthly for medication management).

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